Benjamin Benus – Art Talk – 39th Street Gallery

Thursday, June 9, 7:00-9:00 pm

“The New Face of the World”
A History of the Modern Pictogram in Avant-garde Art and Design

Free to the public.

Art Historian Benjamin Benus - Talk at the 39th Street GalleryWe are all familiar with the modern pictograms used in public information signs, which began to appear in airports and other public spaces in the early 1970s. We are less familiar with their prehistory, which can be traced back to Central Europe in the years between the World Wars. The pictograms developed in this earlier period were conceived as part of a radical educational project that used visual means to communicate socially relevant facts to mass audiences.

Art Historian Benjamin Benus will discuss the artists and activists who collaborated on this project in the late 1920s, and who first developed the prototypes for today’s modern pictograms in their paintings, prints, and graphic design work. This talk will also consider how several contemporary artists, inspired by this earlier history, have transformed today’s pictograms and international signs into vehicles of social critique.

39th Street Gallery and Project Space
entrance on 39th Street

at the Gateway Arts Center @ Brentwood
3901 Rhode Island Ave
Brentwood MD 20722


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