May 25 2010

Gallery Sitting Thursday

I’m gallery sitting again on Thursday (May 27) from 7:00-9:00 pm in the 39th Street Gallery.  Stop by if you’re in the area.  Bring your own refreshments and make it party!

Here’s a blurb about the current show:

Space / Place

Matt Klos — Oil Paintings
Matt Woodward — Graphite Drawings
Andrew Zimmermann — Photography

This show presents the work of three artists, each of whom works in a traditional medium but uses that medium atypically in order to present a particular concept of spatiality and of place.  While they are linked to one another by their desire to show something deeper and more complex than the straightforward visual appearance of their subjects, each of the three has a distinct and nuanced vision that enriches and complements the others.

Matt Klos - Oil Paintings

Matt Klos - Oil Paintings

Matt Woodward - Graphite Drawings

Matt Woodward - Graphite Drawings

Andrew Zimmerman — Photography

Andrew Zimmermann — Photography

May 24 2010

Jerman Brothers Chrysler-Plymouth

Here’s a view of the Gateway Arts Center @ Brentwood from about 60 years ago:

Jerman Brothers Chrysler-Plymouth

My studio is just to the left of the vertical sign — the two windows to the left of “man” in “Jerman.”  I wonder if any of those cars has survived this long, if any has been restored to a useful life like the building.  Or maybe even made into car art!

May 13 2010

Work Table Ready

I finally got the work table built and painted, and things are getting more organized in the studio.  Although I occasionally do some on-canvas painting it seems that most of my studio time lately has been spent planning and thinking about and doing a couple of construction projects, mainly the work table and a two-step platform (about which more in a later post).  I’ve enjoyed these projects and learned a lot (having never done anything quite like them before) but I hope to get back to activities that are more directly art-related soon.

Anyway, here’s the table:

Two-Tone Work Table

The table is so large (3 ft. x 8 ft. x 39 in. high) that I thought it would overwhelm the space with all of the wood natural, even with a light-colored stain.  But painting the whole thing would cover up even the wood that looked good.  Looking around the studio one day I realized that I have a number of easels around with their legs showing, so natural wood would not be out of place.  Without exactly planning it in the end I painted the top, the supports just under the top and the lower shelf all white using Behr Premium Plus Ultra.  (Surely Home Depot will eventually run out of superlatives. […and don’t call me Shirley!])  I kind of like the resulting two-tone look.

Here’s the table with lots of stuff stored underneath:

Work Table With Storage Units

Things are getting organized!

I also “made” some curtains to block the direct sunlight we get in the late afternoon on this side of the building.  By “made” I mean that with tension rods and cheap sheets from Target, plus a bit of hot glue, I assembled the curtain-like window covers as seen here:

I’m still working on getting ready for the Open Studio Tour this Saturday.  Then I can get back to some art-related projects.

[Me at Flickr (which is where the photos live):]

May 8 2010

May 15 Events

Saturday, May 15 will be a busy day for the DC area arts world.  Of the various activities that have come to my attention I’ll mention here just the ones near me.

12:00-5:00pm — 6th Annual Open Studio Tour.

The studios of over 70 artists here in the Gateway Arts District of Prince George’s County will be open to the public.  You can visit the Gateway Arts Center’s (GAC@B) three galleries and dozen studios (including mine).  Locations such as Red Dirt Studio, Washington Glass School, Flux Studios, ezStorage Studios, DC Glassworks, Alan Binstock Studio, artdc Gallery and Design Studio Gallery, among others, will welcome visitors all afternoon.  There are also public artworks to be seen along the way.

A free shuttle bus from the West Hyattsville Metro station will loop through the area beginning at 11:30am with a last run at 5:00pm.  For more information and a PDF map go to the Gateway CDC web site here:

5:00-7:00pm — Opening Reception – Space / Place – 39th Street Gallery.

After visiting the various studios and galleries return to the GAC@B for the Opening Reception at the 39th Street Gallery.  The new exhibit, Space / Place, will feature the works of Matt Klos, Matt Woodward and Andrew Zimmerman.

11:00am-6:00pm — Mount Rainier Day, plus Centennial Celebration.

The City of Mount Rainier was incorporated in 1910 so this year’s Mount Rainier Day activities will include the celebration of our Centennial.  The festivities will take place along Rhode Island Avenue at the Municipal Plaza (near “the circle”), and there will be a special Centennial exhibit at Fountain Framing (3311 Rhode Island Ave.)  City web site:

May 4 2010

Art Exchange – May 1, 2010

I went to the Art Exchange reception for Beyond Boundaries – The Art of Shanye Huang.  Here are some photos from late in the event after the crowd had thinned out a bit.

Shanye Huang Reception

Shanye Huang Reception

Shanye Huang Reception

Shanye Huang Reception

Shanye Huang Reception

The show is open through May 28.  Check the right column for the Art Exchange’s hours.

More details at the Park & Planning web site.

(This set of photos at Flickr)